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In this immersion, we will meet online for an hour each day, for 7 days.

(8:30am PST / 11:30pm EST / 9:00pm IST)

We will be learning a new mantra every day!


Naman ji will help us understand the Sanskrit meaning and pronunciation, and how to sing and chant the mantras beautifully. He will also share with us stories about the mantras and origins of Sanskrit.


Madhurai will be organizing and holding the container, as well as guiding meditations in the beginning and end of the sessions to help people drop deeper into these sacred sounds. 

We will also be teaching about the healing benefits of chanting Sanskrit mantras and the effect that they can have on our lives. 💓🙏🏽


We are excited to create a community experience of learning together with a conscious group of new friends. I know that you will all meet some terrific people in this container, and be able to grow and activate together. 

We hope you will join us in this sadhana and expand your relationship with mantra!

In case you’re curious as to which mantras will be included, here’s an overview of our schedule:

Day 1) Ganesha Mantra ~ Vakratunde Maha Kaya

Day 2) Gayatri Mantra

Day 3) Realization Mantra ~ Om Asato Ma

Day 4) Mahamrityunjaya Mantra 

Day 5) Mantra of Completeness ~ Purna Mantra

Day 6) Peace Mantra ~ Lokah Samantha Sukhino Bhavantu

Day 7) Maha Mantra ~ Hare Krishna Hare Rama


Whether these mantras are new to you, or they are already part of your spiritual practice, this immersion will offer the opportunity to deepen your understanding of these mantras, feel them deeper, and share in the community practice of chanting and discussing these holy words.

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