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I have been doing henna tattoos for 10 years now,

and have recently begun offering stick-and-poke tattoos as well.

From friends to festivals, I've had the privilege to adorn many beautiful bodies. 


Bringing in Ceremony

In the past few years, as I have brought more ceremony into all parts of my life, my tattooing has begun to have more significance too. I love cultivating deeply ceremonial experiences for tattoo sessions. A sacred container where your prayers and intentions can be symbolized into an artistic design, and tattooed with love and deep presence onto your body.

Whether they are permanently on your skin or wash off after a week or two, the experience is powerful. The intentions you set can be remembered, cultivated, and that energy tapped into whenever needed.

Whether it is light-hearted adornment for beauty and pleasure's sake, or a deeply intentional ceremony for a meaningful tattoo experience, I will offer you the experience you are seeking, with my own magic mixed in.

When festivals are back on, I'll be there!

In the meantime, catch me in person

in Mount Shasta, CA or Ashland, OR

for your adornments...

wondering when the perfect moment is for some henna?

  • Blessingway Ceremony / Baby Showers

  • Birthday parties 

  • Festivals and events

  • Girly parties

  • Rites of passage

  • Making vows

  • Setting strong intentions and want a little extra magic behind it 

  • or ANY day you want to treat yourself with that sweet Self love!


but don't worry.. I'm keepin' it fun too!

If you're in my region, contact me to make an appointment:



I was recently honored to be asked to finish this arm band for a friend.
I added the third line of symbols to this triple band.
(The one I tattooed starts on the top left, and ends on the bottom right.)
Many mystical and alchemical symbols were woven into this ceremonial tattoo in honor of her 30th birthday and end of Saturn Return.

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