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Radiant Me

Introducing a new online program that combines 1:1 coaching, community calls, yoga classes, meditations, and rituals to uplift your life.

The goal of this program is to activate joy, self love and empowerment in your life, and help you shine your brightest!

This spring, we will come together to learn new practices for energetic clearing and alignment, and mindset shifts that support a joyful, balanced life.

We are awakening and remembering the sacredness of life and of our Self.

Until our next round of Radiant Me in May,
please enjoy this virtual bundle,
a self-paced DIY version of the full program.

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Program Overview

waterfall rainbow yoga

Program cost: $650 

Payment plans available

Scholarships available for BIPOC, single mothers, and Queer/Trans community members in need

Radiant Me is a one month
online program.

Our next round will be
May 21- June 18

    This program includes:

  • Two  1:1 coaching sessions with Madhurai, 30 minutes each via phone 

  • Weekly yoga classes online 

  • Weekly guided meditations (recorded)

  • 4 community calls ~ group coaching

  • Rituals for clearing your energy field, amplifying your connection with Self and Spirit, embodying your Highest Self, and magnetizing the life of your dreams

  • Pranayama (breath practices)

  • Dance party / movement practice

If you want to:

Have more fun in life

Feel clear that you are on the right path

Love yourself more

Deepen your relationship with yourself and Spirit

Magnetize the life of your dreams

then this is the program for you!

Come join us to be supported in your process.

Yoga at Home


"Radiant Me with Madhurai has changed my life.

From the opening ceremony, I knew a major shift, one I had been praying for, was settling in, stirring up the Light dust that lives within me. Today after a truly transformational yoga practice, I felt a new kind of strength within. It's not just in my body, but deeply in my soul and spirit.

It's like I'm welcoming back this empowered creature, whose been hiding but is ready to embody me. I feel juicy and confident in my decisions and my power. I feel like I am welcoming the energy that helps me know mySelf, and I have the Universe and Madhurai to thank for guiding me into my next chapter. Here's to the power of Prayer, to welcoming in blessings, shedding fear, and living in our highest Selves. Blessings, y'all <3" ~ Yarrow

“My participation in Madhurai’s program was life changing and the best investment I’ve made in my well-being in a long time. Madhurai is so gifted in revealing the wisdom in all of us that it’s actually breathtaking. Everyone should give themselves this gift.” ~ Laura

Radiant Me was the turning point in my life where I released old patterns of thought, fear, negativity, and began to welcome Beauty, Patience, and Love as the guiding forces of my life. I'm living in the same world as before, but experiencing it differently. In a small container with Madhurai and other beautiful souls I felt valued, seen, and encouraged.” ~ Liana​​

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