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1:1 coaching

I love working with people who are going through big initiations, life transitions, and those who are excited to pursue their dreams and intuition.


I offer:

  • Deep presence, listening and compassionate support

  • Encouragement to go within to find the inner voice and personal truth that is already within 

  • Embodiment rituals 

  • Guided meditations 


For those who need physical practices in between sessions, I recommend certain meditations, rituals, practices, & mindset shifts.



After working with me, you can expect to find yourself:

  • Hearing the voice of your intuition more easily, and feeling more confident in acting on it.

  • Making brave life choices, and feeling great about it.

  • Clear boundaries that support and protect your energy.

  • More self love and honoring of yourself

  • More love and nurturing for your body

  • More compassion for yourself and resilience in your journey

  • Feeling like you are not alone

Need more support?
I'm here to help.


You must be ready and willing to take aligned, inspired action to improve your life, starting with your relationship with yourself and the Divine.

Together we can create a plan that supports your life unfolding in the way you desire.

“Coaching with Madhurai has been very useful and helpful. It’s helped me embody my own happiness, and my own sovereignty.”

~Words from a 1:1 client as we wrapped up the past few months of coaching sessions and reflected on his wins throughout this time. 

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