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Redwood 8

This 2x1" rectangular pendant features real Redwood bark from an ancient fallen Grandmother Redwood.

She called out to me strongly, and showed me which small chunk of tree to take. She was beautiful, her bare red skin all covered in moss and young trees and plants sprouting up from the places that her body had become new earth.  She has seen many things. I pray that this pendant brings that vast perspective to your heart. May it find you well.

Redwood 8

  • 2x1 inch rectangle pendant. Made with epoxy resin and treasures from the Redwoods. Gold jewelry wire.

    Pendant comes on a simple black satin cord with a nickel free silver clasp. (Not sterling silver) and can be replaced with a chain or special cord of your choosing.

  • Ships from Mount Shasta, California. 

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