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Jan 3, 2022 - Jan 31, 2022

Radiant Me

  • 29Days


Introducing a new online program that combines 1:1 coaching, community calls, yoga classes, meditations, and rituals to uplift your life. This program includes: - Two 1:1 coaching sessions with Madhurai, 30 minutes each via phone - Weekly yoga classes online - Weekly guided meditations (recorded) - 2 community calls ~ group coaching - Rituals for clearing your energy field, amplifying your connection with Self and Spirit, embodying your Highest Self, and magnetizing the life of your dreams - Pranayama (breath practices) - Dance party / movement practice You will receive personal one on one coaching with me as well as group Zooms where we will journey together into the realms of ritual, empowerment, and somatic release. We get to witness and be witnessed by one another for optimal expansion potential. We are in this together! And it feels so good to know that there is a Radiant community that's got your back and is cheering you on as you step up into the next phase of your life.





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